Heya fur-friends and humans!

Let us tell you a bit about us. We’re a group of pups from Melbourne, Australia who got a bit sick of our humans dressing us in super bright colours or embarrassing patterns before taking us out in public. How were we ever going to make new friends and take ourselves seriously in front of other puppers when we looked like a walking pizza/ice-cream/taco/neon light (seriously, would humans wear clothes with spaghetti or pancakes all over them? No, we didn’t think so.)

On top of the humiliating colours and patterns, the things our humans made us wear weren’t even comfortable (and they knew it!). They’d watch us walking around lifting our legs up high, running away when they brought the harness out before walkies or watch us rolling around on the carpet trying to get it all off, and they would LAUGH. Laugh and take videos and show all their friends. And sometimes their friends would show their friends and suddenly we would become viral laughing stock of the entire world.

Through some research and Tinder small-talk, we realised we weren’t the only puppers in the world with this problem. In fact, we found pups all over the world who were so eager for someone to fix the issue.

That’s when the hard work began!

We spent 12 months researching and developing new products that we couldn’t find anywhere else and decided to start with a new version of one of our most-hated products that our humans make us wear – the harness.

The harness problem: We hated them squishing over our head and ears, not to mention the pain when our humans took them off! We hated them rubbing under our arms. We hated the ones that didn’t fit properly, gaping at our chest and pulling us in all the wrong directions. We hated when the D-Ring was too far down our back so when our humans pulled, it put pressure on our ribs instead of our chest bone. We hated the ones that didn’t have comfortable material and most of all, we couldn’t find a single pattern or colour that we actually wanted to wear!

The harness solution: To launch our store in 2017, we’ve designed a custom harness that doesn’t squish over your head and puts your comfort and style as our top priorities. We designed this harness from scratch, going through many processes until the style and fit was absolutely perfect.

What’s next on our list? We’re constantly developing new products and we’ve got some pretty exciting things coming your way. We don’t want to be your average pup products company and we’re always looking for new ways for our products to work well. Sign up for our mailing list to find out about new products before everyone else when we’ve got new products launching, plus you’ll get 15% off your first purchase!


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