When it comes to Social Media, what was once a platform to share your daily musings and good looking breakfasts has become the place to show your ‘brand’, both on a business and personal level. Just like research says that humans form a first impression within one tenth of a second of meeting someone, you’ve got a similar snapshot of time to capture someone’s attention with your social photos and brand ‘voice’ so we’ve detailed our Instagram Secrets and Tips for you all based on what we do over on our Insta page.

What do we mean by brand or brand voice?

If you’re trying to grow your social media following and someone lands on your Instagram feed, will they stay? Not only will new visitors be looking at all the little squares that fit within one phone screen to see if they like your style, but they’ll read your Bio and probably watch your stories to figure out if following you is worth altering their own Follower Ratio/adding clutter to their search feed for. If you’re a dog account, your brand voice is usually the first person thoughts from puppyland – think treats, sniffing butts, lovers of socks and rolling in poop – and then your stories help to tie both your feed and bio together with real-life events that prove all of those things (just maybe don’t film the real-life rolling in poop!).


Before we tell you all our secrets, let us first start off by justifying how we know all of this. Well, we don’t. Nobody really knows the perfect formula and even successful accounts can fall in popularity just when they think they’ve got it, thanks to an algorithm somewhere changing and they need to start playing around with a new pattern or theme. But here’s what we do and use on a daily basis:



We’ve mentioned this one before, but we think it’s important to choose a pattern to the types of photos you upload. Mix it up between indoor and outdoor photos, close-ups or photos from a distance. At the moment, we choose to alternate our photos between customer photos and product shots or quotes – it leaves our feed looking simple and fresh without too much going on, much like the style of our PUPSTYLE products!



We apply the same filter to every single one of our photos (and now videos thanks to the app below) to ensure our feed looks smooth and nothing stands out too much. To keep it even more consistent and communicate our brand style, we try to apply a similar filter to all of our Instagram stories. Extra tip: don’t waste time by editing your stories elsewhere first – choose one of Instagram’s story filters that looks most similar to your photo filters and you can still communicate your brand across both.



This is by far our favourite app ever. There’s both a free and paid version that are both our go-to for filters and photo edits. The free version comes with a host of free filters and you can pay within the app for a full set of new filters with the option to see the filter effects before you purchase them. We’ve only recently upgraded to the paid version which allows you to apply your regular filters to videos which is ah-mazing for consistency in our feed, but not totally necessary. The best part about this app is that you can see all your edited photos in one place, so you can see if they’re all gelling together before you even upload them to Instagram.

Our Favourite Filters: We love the A filters, M filters and S filters. The exact filter we use will remain our only secret (plus it is no longer available as we bought it on a promotion about a year ago!)


Snapseed App

Our next go-to that we use a little less frequently is Snapseed. This one is super handy to lighten up only a section of a photo, rather than editing the brightness on an entire photo. We use this one when we have any photos with harsh shadows or dark spots that need to be lightened and is particularly great for photos with light coloured dogs in them where increasing brightness on the whole photo would be too much for little Fluffy with the snow-coloured fur. Our favourite tool: the Selective tool – simply touch the part of the photo with that tool then drag your finger across the screen to edit the brightness in that section. We’re all about quick edits so this one definitely makes the list!


Planoly App

Another free app, Planoly is one we use daily to plan ahead and make sure our feed will look good before we’ve even posted our newest photo to Instagram. It lets you upload your photos into the app, drag and drop them into different positions and see how your feed will look once you upload all your new photos. You can even prepare your captions including the tags and hashtags and schedule your photo for a particular time and day where you’ll get a notification reminder from Planoly and you can easily copy your post directly to Instagram to upload. We’re obsessed with this app and it’s particularly good for keeping us on track with our alternating pattern.


Instagram Insights

Our last suggestion requires you to change your Instagram profile from a personal profile to a business profile, but this doesn’t mean you actually need a business and it won’t change anything on the front end that your followers see. It helps you to gain insights about your followers and best-performing photos and stories. You can see the times that your followers are most online on different days to help you choose the best time to post your photos and (hopefully) get the most engagement. You will need a Facebook page in order to convert to the business profile but it doesn’t mean you need to be active on both platforms – it’s purely there because Facebook is where any business transactions are done if you choose to pay for advertising. There’s 4 easy instructions here on how to convert your profile to a business profile and start using the information to your benefit!

Still want more? You should check out all the cute things you could spoil yourself with to help you with your new Insta theming!

When your humans are on the run and need to distract you with a treat so that they can close the door and leave, us pups would appreciate it so much more if they gave us some healthy dog snacks to keep us feeling stylish both inside and out. There’s nothing worse than growing out of your favourite harness sideways, so we’ve listed our 5 favourite snacks that lets them run out the door quickly but keeps us happy.healthy-dog-snacks

  1. Carrot sticks
    You can’t get much quicker or easier than this. When we’re really time poor, we ask our humans to cut a carrot in half and ‘throw it out for the dogs’ as they say. Not only is it slightly sweet which = Uber delicious for us, but the fact we have to gnaw on it means we’re cleaning our teeth at the same time. Best part is, you can give them to us straight from the freezer on hot days so it keeps us cool and we stay busier for longer!
  2. Natural yoghurt
    Yoghurt does the same thing for dogs as it does for humans. It’s loaded with prebiotics and probiotics so is a great mini snack for any pups transitioning their food or who’s had an upset tummy, plus, we love it! Make sure you get the natural stuff that hasn’t been sweetened with sugar or flavouring and we’ll be licking our bowl or your spoon cleaner than you’ve ever seen it!
  3. Blueberries
    When kept in small doses (think 3-4 blueberries at a time, maximum) these beauties are full to the brim with antioxidants and a great little snack for us pups. We find these are great for training or learning a new trick as the humans can reward one with every Hi 5 or Roll Over we do. First time eating blueberries? Make sure your human has the camera out – sometimes they scare us and we make some good viral videos after our first blueberry encounter 😉
  4. Royal Bullies Natural Treats
    There’s nothing easier than grabbing a treat out of a packet, but when that packet is full of all natural goodness, it’s even easier! Royal Bullies treats dehydrate their raw meats and fish in such a unique way that ensures all the nutrients are left inside every packet, unlike cooked treats that lose all their natural goodness. Our favourite picks are the Green Lipped Mussels, Pure Chewy Roo and the Duck Feet for our treats and we love the variety of a different meal topper on our dinner every night. Yumm!
  5. Treat Mix Ice Blocks
    If your humans have a little extra time up their sleeve to make your healthy dog snacks, we can definitely vouch for our absolute favourite – frozen ice blocks with a mixture of treats inside! Our humans cut up small pieces of carrot and include some blueberries and their favourite little Royal Bullies treats and place each piece into the ice tray. For an even more gourmet treat, they dissolve some Royal Bullies meal topper into boiling water and mix it with cold water before filling up each ice block. Rain, hail or shine – we will lick those ice blocks until the cows come home!

    ice-block-healthy-dog-snacksGot a favourite healthy dog snacks idea that we haven’t listed here? Let us know your go-to in the comments below!

Harness Vs. Collar - The Experts Weigh In

It’s an age-old question that every man and his er.. dog.. have an answer for, but who knows if you’re actually doing the best thing for your pup? We’ve done the (months of) research for you and can finally share the experts’ opinions and findings on whether you should be walking your best friend on a collar or a harness. However, just like human children, raising puppers is a hard task and nobody is expected to know it ALL. The best we can do is read the research, learn the techniques and decide for ourselves. Once you have made your own decision, stick to it and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

Right from when they are tiny babes, a lot of trainers will tell you that your new furiend will learn the ‘rules’ of walking on a lead the quickest if you connect the lead to your dog’s collar. Their reasons are aligned with the Dominance Theory of dog training, where the pain and possible distress that you inflict on your dog when you tug on the lead to correct their direction or behaviour will quickly teach them not to behave in the same way again or it will hurt.

As promised by some trainers, this method works quickly, but just like our humans parents, and their parents’ parents used to smack them on the bottom for behaving badly, the Dominance Theory of training might also be outdated.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in South Australia **International Puppers: this is Australia’s leading Animal Welfare Charity** recently launched a campaign named ‘Lead by Example’ to promote force-free training and positive reinforcement when teaching your dog to walk on a lead. With the support of The Humane Society of the United States, the RSPCA suggest that rewarding your dog for good behaviour with a treat, verbal praise or more play time will result in a positive experience for both human and pup and increase the likelihood that your doggo will want to do that again. Their opinion on the Dominance Theory of training or tugging on the lead to inflict pain and correct behaviour can damage the relationship between humans and dogs. They suggest that this action can cause your pawfriend to see walking as ‘unsafe’ and you, as their human, won’t protect them. As a result, the RSPCA in conjunction with other animal welfare organisations worldwide, always recommend walking with a supportive harness where corrections don’t cause pain or intimidation, allowing reward-based training to be most achievable.

Cindy Ludwig, a Certified professional dog trainer with a background in science and healthcare also suggests that walking on a harness is always preferable to prevent neck and throat trauma or indirect damage to the eyes caused by walking on a collar. Just as humans’ sinuses are all connected and a sore throat can quickly be felt in your ears or a runny nose, so too are our pupper’s sinuses. Pulling against the throat can cause damage to other areas of your dog’s head or sinus area.

Cindy prefers the even distribution of pressure that comes with using a harness over a larger, less vulnerable area where the chest bone sits. She also addresses the common thought that harnesses teach dogs to pull as a complete myth, saying “harnesses don’t teach dogs to pull, pulling teaches dogs to pull”. That said, let your dog think pulling is okay, and pup will pull with or without a harness on.

As a result of this research and evidence, we designed our Patent Pending custom harnesses to sit just below your dog’s throat where they can still be supportive without causing damage or pain. We specially designed the front chest plate to be wider than any other harnesses we found on the market to ensure the chest bone would take the full force of pulling and tested several locations of the D-Ring before confirming our chosen position pulled the harness back in the right direction. On top of that, we added some extra comfort features like our custom neck clip that allows for the neck to be adjustable and secure, not to mention your puppers don’t have to squish these harnesses over their heads like other supportive harnesses on the market. Oh, and did we mention the added bonus of the SUPER cute patterns?


Want to read the full articles and statements that were the basis of our research?

Click here to go through to RSPCA South Australia: Lead by Example Campaign and Training Advice

Click here to go through to Cindy Ludwig’s accredited advice.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


When our humans leave us on our own, some of us at PUPSTYLE HQ find the toilet rolls, others seek out the dirty laundry and then theres a few of us who find a comfy spot in front of the TV and find something to watch on Netflix. Usually, the end result is always a cozy nap, but this one time, we found a show so interesting that we had all the pups at HQ abandoning their treasures and coming to sit in front of the TV for the entire show.

Before we tell you what it is, you must know that we are not forcing any opinions onto you apart from the one we have about loving this show. YOU MUST WATCH IT.

Okay Puppers, go to your TV remote right this second and search Netflix for Pet Fooled. We’ve done our research and it’s available worldwide for all our international furiends. Don’t have Netflix? We don’t condone this, but your neighbouring pupper might, so wait until all the humans are out and arrange a meetup.

It’s a documentary that looks deeper into the ingredients that goes into our food and the way some ‘premium’ foods are processed that makes them not-so-premium. Not only does it look at the ingredients and the processes, but one of the most surprising topics they covered was the regulations in the Pet Food industry – who came up with them and who ensures companies follow them will 100% surprise you!

We made our humans change from the ‘super premium’ food they were giving us to a completely different diet after watching this. If you watch it, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Let us pups explain it to you in our own terms with a little backup from science because we know you like that hard-answer stuff.

As soon as we’re born, our fur-mummy’s show us instant love by licking us free from our amniotic sac and cleaning us up.

We’re born with our eyes closed, and they stay closed for 1-2 weeks post-birth, so we’re very receptive to what we can feel. Our fur-mummy’s lick us clean after we feed, wee and poop and this is all we know before we leave for our forever homes with our humans. It’s the first sign of love and affection we receive and we learn very quickly that it’s how we show our own love and affection right back.

When our humans get out of the shower, we need to lick them dry because letting them stay wet isn’t good for their fur or their health.

It’s our natural instinct, because we oh-so-love-them!

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