My two bulldogs love their new harnesses! I am overall so pleased with this product and am so looking forward to what items @pupstylestore will have next!

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Love this harness – well-made and very stylish!

The clip around the neck makes it much easier to put the harness on – and our dogs are much happier not having to have their harnesses pulled on over their heads.


Great harnesses. Soft, comfortable and secure and great choice of grey/neutral colors. My dogs love the fact that they don’t have to go over their heads.

Also being French Bulldogs, it’s better for them to wear harnesses than collars when walking due to breathing problems.


We love our harness!

It is absolutely wonderful for our small dachshunds. We love the design since this is much easier to slip on to our puppy and the patterns on the harness are so cute!

I would recommend this harness over others to anybody.

Logan the Cavoodle

Thankyou so much for our harness. Our cavoodle had escaped three different harnesses while driving in the car but he cannot escape his Pupstyle harness which obviously makes car rides safer and happier.

He is clearly so much more comfortable in his new harness and I love how easy it is to put on him.

Thanks for keeping our pup safe!


This harness is awesome! Super soft and comfy, and dries very quickly which is great after a beach visit. Lots of ways to adjust it which guarantees a perfect fit for every pup!

Love, love love!


My Pup Style ‘Blessed’ harness is friggen amazing!!!

Rupert Bear LOVES walks now because the harness is super easy to put on and take off. No more struggles!

Super convenient, superb quality, fits perfectly and seriously stylish AF!! I’m so glad I found your company! I will not buy a harness anywhere else!


Amazing harness, our boy Len loves it!

Great customer service and very responsive! Will 100% buy another and will recommend PUPSTYLE to anyone!

Thank you so much!