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To provide pet parents with absolute certainty that they are choosing the best products for the safety & wellbeing of their pets.

Our Values


We're cruelty free. We don't use animal leathers on our animals. We reduce the impact on the earth by removing plastic from all packaging and opt for biodegradable shipping materials. We regularly donate to animal shelters or organisations whose purpose is to keep our animals safe and cared for. We're here to create a positive impact for our animals worldwide.


We want to be a part of a pet's entire life, not just a portion of it. Therefore, we design our products to be stylish, not to follow trends. Our designs fit seamlessly into a home, hang at your front door like a piece of art and won't be something that your pets will look back on and say "oh my dog, I wore THAT when I was 3?!"


Unlike many other brands in the pet industry, you won't find the same function of a PUPSTYLE product anywhere else (until of course, someone tries to copy it, but we say good luck to them getting it right!) We design the function and fit of every single one of our products from scratch to suit needs that nobody else has ever thought of. A poop bag holder that holds your phone? Yep - we designed it before anyone in the entire world. A harness that doesn't go over your head but still fits snug in all the right places? Our design (and protected, might we add, so nobody can copy it).


Pets can't talk our language, but thankfully we've got a dog whisperer and two dogs who can tell us when something is or isn't comfortable. With any product we design, we often go through several rounds of samples until we're happy that it is 110% comfortable for our pets. We don't use cheap materials that have been proven to cause irritation *ahem... mesh on a harness...* or aren't the softest, highest quality we can find. It's only when we've got the comfort totally sorted that we apply our stylish prints afterwards.