About Us




Tate & Adam are the human hands behind the brand, and the Mum and Dad to the fur-babes who inspired everything. 

From a super young age, Tate would watch National Geographic with stars in her eyes in awe of the entire animal kingdom that she felt so connected to. The stars were shortlived though, and they would quickly turn into tears and high-pitched wailing that would see her Mum come running to see what had happened, only to find that a lion had caught its dinner on the TV and Tate's heart had broken with the zebra's last breath. It was then that her Mum knew that Tate was destined to grow up helping animals, but in what way, they were yet to know.

Adam's love of animals is somewhat similar to his love of human babies. He has some sort of sparkly rainbow aura that only babies and animals can see and when they see him, they all nod and agree with each other that he's a good egg. He speaks animal language (just ask Tate, who often has no idea what he's just said to her, though that could also be put down to mumbling) and he knows what they're asking and will end up in a full-blown animal conversation about it. As you would assume, it's a super handy skill to have when designing pet products to be comfortable for fur-babies.


First came Pippa, the honorary first baby girl who arrived at her forever home weighing a tiny 1.2kg but with the independence of a senior gal wise beyond her years. At this point, Tate and Adam tried to invest in all of the typical pet products they thought they should have in advance of her arrival - a $7 bed from the closest department store and a selection of walking accessories from the local pet store that were there hanging up for them to buy, so they must be good, right?

Well, little miss independent Pippa had other ideas. She hated her harness being squished over her ears and head, tore her cheap bed to shreds (4 times) to reveal the toxic plastic 'fluff' that her humans were making her sleep on and pulled so hard on her flimsy lead that the humans feared it would snap during their walks. It was Pippa, herself, who inspired the humans to look further and harder for accessories that were better, safer, prettier and healthier for her. As their fur-baby, they felt she deserved the effort.

Now, as you probably already know the ending to this story, you would have guessed that their research came up with nothing that fit the bill. The safest accessories they found looked like the kind of straps you would see holding down cargo on a dirty old truck and the ones that looked nice and matched their sense of style were made from cheap materials and didn't have the safety functionality they needed for peace of mind. So they got to work on making their own, and PUPSTYLE was founded in May 2017, after 12 months of designing the perfect accessories to be both stylish and functional, and most importantly, perfect for their baby girl.

Fast-forward 1.5 years and PUPSTYLE was thriving. Doggos all around the world were loving the accessories for the exact same reasons that Tate and Adam designed them - humans everywhere were raving about the style and function of every product. And this is when Bowie, their second fur-baby, joined the family.

Bowie is the total opposite personality of Pippa. He seems lazy, but really he just loves laying outside in the sun, he'll do what he's told (albeit very slowly) but he'll also do what he wants. He's incredibly smart and learns very quickly what he does and doesn't like, or what he will or won't do for a treat. And don't even think about giving him a small treat either. He won't come for anything less than a chunk of cheese and a roo rib.

Since joining the family, Bowie has lived the life of luxury, only ever knowing and using PUPSTYLE accessories and boy can you see the difference! Whilst Pippa would run away and hide under the couch/bed/coffee table every time you would bring out her (other brand) harness that squished over her head, Bowie gets excited every time he sees his PUPSTYLE accessories, knowing he's about to go on a super fun adventure. 


Both Pippa and Bowie have had a say in every product we design, from the comfort to the function and the style. They put their paws down and said 'no more!' to garish bright colours and embarrassing patterns. Honestly, how were their pupper friends supposed to take them seriously when they looked like walking pizzas/hot-dogs/tacos/neon lights (honestly, humans, would you ever wear clothes with spaghetti or pancakes all over them? On second thought, don’t answer that.) Each product is thoughtfully designed to meet our values and vision.

Our Mission

To provide pet parents with absolute certainty that they are choosing the best products for the safety & wellbeing of their pets.

Our Values


We're cruelty free. We don't use animal leathers on our animals. We reduce the impact on the earth by removing plastic from all packaging and opt for biodegradable shipping materials. We regularly donate to animal shelters or organisations whose purpose is to keep our animals safe and cared for. We're here to create a positive impact for our animals worldwide.


We want to be a part of a pet's entire life, not just a portion of it. Therefore, we design our products to be stylish, not to follow trends. Our designs fit seamlessly into a home, hang at your front door like a piece of art and won't be something that your pets will look back on and say "oh my dog, I wore THAT when I was 3?!"


Unlike many other brands in the pet industry, you won't find the same function of a PUPSTYLE product anywhere else (until of course, someone tries to copy it, but we say good luck to them getting it right!) We design the function and fit of every single one of our products from scratch to suit needs that nobody else has ever thought of. A poop bag holder that holds your phone? Yep - we designed it before anyone in the entire world. A harness that doesn't go over your head but still fits snug in all the right places? Our design (and protected, might we add, so nobody can copy it). 


Pets can't talk our language, but thankfully we've got a dog whisperer and two dogs who can tell us when something is or isn't comfortable. With any product we design, we often go through several rounds of samples until we're happy that it is 110% comfortable for our pets. We don't use cheap materials that have been proven to cause irritation *ahem... mesh on a harness...* or aren't the softest, highest quality we can find. It's only when we've got the comfort totally sorted that we apply our stylish prints afterwards.

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